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Start: 8am Sharp! Donuts await..Do-nut be Late!

If you consider yourself a BIG lover of Donuts....This is YOUR RACE!  

The Donut Challenge was created for the cray cray crowd!  All you gotta do is chow down on a donut hole and follow that up with 2 delectable donuts before glazing a trail to the finish.  Do-nut worry if you can't finish your donuts, there's no donut penalties!  This is open to runners, walkers and crawlers.  However you want to come through!  We'll be taking lots of pic's and awards will be given to the most ambitious eaters. Start training now and be ready for donut day! You wil receive a custom Donut neck gaitor/ head scarf to commemorate your accomplishment!  It's soft and versatile for all seasons! 


Note:  Donut Challenge participants wil have specific race bibs to enter the Donut Challenge Zone. No Donut bandits in this area  Our force of Donuteers will help you grab your donuts and cram em down when necessary. (just kidding)  Plenty of water will be available to help you wash em down and keep 'em from coming back up!  


We kindly ask that you do-nut take any donuts outside the Donut Zone. Why?  We want you to be safe and avoid the hazards of trippin over half eaten donuts or stopping to pick some up! 

Going for the Gold

Donut King Title up for grabs! 

More the merrier!

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Like us on Facebook and be entered to win epic Donut Swag like this sweet medal dispay from Sporthooks to hang your new donut medal!

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