Virtual Run Option Now Reopened!!
Virtual Run Option Now Reopened!!

Congratulations and Thank you to all our finishers at the Irvine Race!   If you missed it, we have just REOPENED the Virtual Run so you can still earn your Donut Run Race Bling Medal!



We know many of you missed the event so due to popular demand we are reopening online registration for our Virtual Run option only!   Now you can still celebrate your love of donuts and earn some race bling! This is the most delicious way to get motivated. With every mile, you'll know you're help our charity partner keep our environement safer from hazardous materials, one donut run medal at a time!


Registration will close when it sells out or by August 31st   Sign up today!  Do-nut miss out again.


Virtual Race Entry Fee:  $20

Donut Swag:  Custom cast donut run medal, custom race bib and temporary donut tatoos.

Virtual Run Location:  Anywhere you want to run.  Choose a treadmil or hit the great outdoors!

Distance:  5k.  You can run, jog or walk.  Finish the distance at one time or split it up into several session and complete it when you can.  As long as you get the distance in, we will send your donut swag out. 

Timeline:  Take as much time as you need to finish. 

Shipping:  We'll ship out race packets on the 14th and the 1st of each month.  Depending on when you register you will receive it within 2 weeks. Shipping is included in the registration fee!  Yipee!

Start time:  Anytime you pick.  This is your virtual run to do at your convenience.

Charity Partner:  Urban Health Alliance Race 4 the Environment 


When you register you are on the honor system to complete the 5k distance on your own.  You donut need to submit your finishing time or send up proof.  We're just glad you feel inspired by our race and love of donuts to get out there and get moving!  Donuts must be supplied by each participant. We don't ship your actual donuts but maybe next year!

Great Donut Run Virtual Swag


1.  Great Donut Run Custom Race Bib

2.  Custom Cast Donut Run Medal

3.  Temporary Donut Tatoos (not Pictured)

4.  Participant to provide own donuts!  :)



Who can register?    Any one can enter.  It's open to all ages and abilities.

What is a Virtual Run?   This is an event that you can participate on your own time, wherever you want. 

Who participates?  We have kids as young as 4 and all the way up 70 year olds that like the idea of earning medals for going out and getting their miles in.  

Why would they do a Virtual?  It's all about staying motivated and having fun while exercising.  Whatever inspiration people need to keep going or GET going is why people do virtual runs.  We have many people who work on weekends and can't go to a traditional race or have kids soccer games to attend. We have many military folks who don't live in areas where they have these fun run or people who or are busy multi tasking with other commitments during race times.  We make it feasible for them to still participate.  Getting that medal makes all the difference!

How long do I have to finish?  You can complete the distance in whatever time frame you need. This is on the honor system for you to do the distance on your own.  You can split up the miles and do the 5k over 1 day or several days.


We hope you have a great run and be sure to check out our FB page! 


Eat More Donuts and Run for the Environment!

Urban Health Alliance, Race for the Environment is dedicated to providing the public with awareness, education, prevention, practical application, and insightful remedies to protect the general public and their families against environmental hazards that may exist within their homes and the community. Information and assistance will be provided to educate and protect the public against environmental hazards including, but not limited to lead, asbestos, mold, pesticides, air quality, water quality, land quality, household, school, day care facility, ball fields, and playground issues.  Our goal is to protect children from environmental hazards and provide community action for a healthy environment. For more info: 

Prices will increase as the event gets closer so register today!

5k Donut Run / Walk 5k

There will be plenty of donuts for all so Keep Calm and Donut on! 


5k Donut Challenge

This flat course has been designed for optimal donut eating! Come and Get It!


Kids Donut Dash

Kid friendly distances and great fun for the whole family!  Get your sprinkle game on!


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